Frameworx Case Study: SAFe Capacity On Demand

CLIENT SITUATION Our client, a Fortune 100 financial services firm, was experiencing rapid growth in their banking division. With this growth, scrutiny from federal regulators increased for the bank resulting in a substantial list of audit points to address. For years, they had been working on improvements to their technology stack and now with the… Read more »

Reducing Reliance on Offshore Vendors

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Softworld Financial Services provides strategic consulting solutions for a large south-central US bank, including: ongoing bank acquisition support, core renewal efforts, and digital transformation. Background: Softworld Financial Services utilizes our strong expertise and knowledge in retail banking acquisition conversions, systems integrations, teller/sales & service, delivery channels, and mobile banking applications to support our client, a… Read more »

Softworld Supports Banking Digital Transformation of Third Largest U.S. Credit Union

Discover how Softworld Financial Services supported the banking digital transformation of the third largest credit union in the nation. Learn more about this financial services digital transformation. Background: Over the past few years, Softworld Financial Services has utilized our strong technical expertise and knowledge while supporting one of the country’s strongest and most respected financial… Read more »

How Softworld Financial Services Was Able To Reduce Employee Turnover by 45% for Largest New England Credit Union

Discover how Softworld provided strategic financial services staffing and financial staffing solutions to the largest credit union headquartered in New England, and worked to reduce employee turnover by 45%. Background: Softworld Financial Services has utilized our extensive technical and functional knowledge and expertise to support our client, the largest credit union headquartered in New England,… Read more »

Softworld Financial Services Loan Origination Software Implementation for Largest Credit Union Headquartered in New England

Discover how Softworld Financial Services provided the largest credit union in New England with strategic consulting solutions for their loan origination software implementation through utilizing Encompass mortgage system. Background: Softworld Financial Services utilizes our strong expertise and knowledge in mortgage system implementation to support our client, the largest credit union headquartered in New England. Our… Read more »

Financial Services: Major System Development

Client: RBC Centura Bank Situation: Centura Bank in North Carolina (now part of PNC) undertook a major implementation of new teller and loan administration systems. Both applications were acquired from software vendors. The bank was concerned about putting the entire implementation responsibility in the hands of the software vendor. They wanted a vendor-neutral team that… Read more »

Financial Services: Niche Skill Sets

Client: Capital One Situation: Capital One’s core processing applications were managed and controlled by a third party software vendor using that vendor’s products and data center resources. This outsource model is much more prevalent in smaller banks. As Capital One has been transitioning from “the credit card company” to a full service retail bank, they… Read more »

Financial Services: Speed to Deliver

Client: Santander Situation: Spanish banking giant needed to increase capabilities to align with U.S. compliance, regulatory and cybersecurity regulatory guidelines and meet aggressive compliance dates. The bank required a very fast process to identify, select and onboard 15 consultants within 45 days. As projects evolved, the bank wanted flexibility to convert certain consultants to permanent… Read more »

IT Services: Advanced Policy Publishing & Management System

Client: Liberty International Underwriters About Liberty International Underwriters A division of a global leader in property & casualty insurance, LIU is a global specialty lines business with an emphasis on niche insurance products distributed through an independent broker network. Business Overview The process by which customer insurance policies were being created, edited, and managed, was… Read more »

Financial Services: Provide a Recruitment Solution

Client: Wolters Kluwer Financial Services About Wolters Kluwer Financial Services Wolters Kluwer Financial Services provides compliance solutions that empower risk management professionals to make smart and confident decisions in a rapidly changing environment. Financial institutions can achieve transparency and control in a way that balances internal and external needs by combining regulatory intelligence, sound policy… Read more »