Enterprise Recruiting

Client: National Government Integrator

Our client, a government-focused IT Solutions company with over three decades of experience running federal projects. When the Solutions Company engaged with us they had been tasked with providing on-site technical support to Veteran Affairs hospitals across the country. They had fallen behind on their initial staffing levels and were falling short of their service level agreements with the VA.

Their ideal candidate would have in depth experience troubleshooting a variety of desktop and network issues and display the professionalism needed to service the doctors, hospital staff, and patients within each hospital.

The Challenge

Our client needed to reach appropriate service levels within 30 days by hiring 15 technical support professionals spread across hospitals in 15 states. These individuals needed to have top technical skills, be able to pass a comprehensive government background check, and be able to wait through three weeks of onboarding procedures before they could start working. Our client had been trying to fill these positions on their own for months, and because of a lack of hiring, their contract with the government was in jeopardy.

The Solution

After analyzing the hiring issues with our client, we determined that Softworld’s Enterprise Recruiting Group was the best solution. The Enterprise Group specializes in rapid response recruiting on a national level. Within a week of Softworld picking up the recruiting process we identified over 30 candidates for the 15 open positions. Due to the level of technical screening performed, our client found the majority of these candidates to be qualified for the position after interviewing them. Within two weeks, our client had accepted offers on all 15 positions in all 15 states.

Since these were Softworld consultants, we then took over the paperwork and onboarding process for these candidates and were able to dramatically decrease the onboarding time. All candidates had their complex paperwork package and background checks completed within three days of acceptance and were submitted to the government for approval.

The Success

Our client was impressed by our ability to quickly build a supply chain of qualified candidates in a short period of time. They also appreciated the fact that we were able to streamline the paperwork and onboarding process without losing candidates.  As a result, they introduced us to their partner who was also working on the project to fill the positions that they were struggling with.

The end result was our client filling all positions, SLAs were being met across all locations, and our client was able to solidify their position with the government for the long term.

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