Reducing Reliance on Offshore Vendors

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Softworld Financial Services provides strategic consulting solutions for a large south-central US bank, including: ongoing bank acquisition support, core renewal efforts, and digital transformation.


Softworld Financial Services utilizes our strong expertise and knowledge in retail banking acquisition conversions, systems integrations, teller/sales & service, delivery channels, and mobile banking applications to support our client, a large Bank in the South-Central US. Our expertise in providing on-site SME contractor resources and remote professionals experienced in bank conversions, core systems integrations, and digital product transformation has allowed us to become a trusted partner to our retail banking industry clients. Softworld Financial Services has years of experience working with leading retail banks as well as with top fintech software applications and products. We have extensive experience placing technology and business subject matter experts to effectively complete essential business projects for a variety of banking clients. Softworld Financial Services has extensive success in providing staffing and project solutions for our clients who are seeking talent specializing in off the shelf products & applications, acquisition/conversions, system upgrades/integrations, and digital transformation.

The Challenge:

Our client was struggling to find experienced staffing individuals to keep up with daily workloads and mission-critical projects. They tried the offshore model and realized for banking SMEs with strong product application knowledge/experience, this was not always the best solution for all types of project implementations. This led our client to seek a trusted partner with knowledge and banking product expertise to complement their internal teams when project demand required external extended resources. Softworld Financial Services has prior experience collaborating with this client and therefore were chosen as our client’s go-to trusted partner.

The Solution:

Softworld Financial Services offered a staffing solution to our client through placing highly qualified and trained banking and application professionals. We placed key senior level SME team members on-site with a remote team of developers. We provided staffing solutions in the areas of M&A, core renewal, and digital transformation. Our consultants worked hard not only to develop and integrate applications for our client, but also to train their internal employees on how to use the program.
At Softworld Financial Services, we are dedicated to providing staffing and project solutions that aid in every step of our clients’ journey. We pride ourselves in being experts at our craft to deliver our clients top-notch consultants, technology, and tools to solve their staffing and project challenges. We supply our clients with technology development training that our consultants will administer to their entire team by presenting them consultants who have prior experience with banking software and specialize in these products. As a result, we build solid partnerships with our clients and bring unparalleled service in generating high-quality staffing and project solutions, ultimately reducing our clients costs and saving them valuable time.

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