How Softworld Financial Services Was Able To Reduce Employee Turnover by 45% for Largest New England Credit Union

Discover how Softworld provided strategic financial services staffing and financial staffing solutions to the largest credit union headquartered in New England, and worked to reduce employee turnover by 45%.

Softworld Financial Services has utilized our extensive technical and functional knowledge and expertise to support our client, the largest credit union headquartered in New England, throughout the past few years. Our expertise in providing staffing and project solutions across Information Technology, Customer Service, Project Management, and Business Analysis has led to the largest credit union in New England recognizing the Softworld brand and reaching out to us to provide them with a staffing solution. Softworld has become a trusted partner of this service-focused client and has worked endlessly to solve their employee turnover issues.

The Challenge:
Our client’s main issue was experiencing constant employee turnover in their Call Center. Their current third-party vendor was failing to place qualified talent that were in it for the long haul. This led our client to face the challenge of having a large influx of open positions, along with the additional challenge of struggling to staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. After experiencing constant and high employee turnover, our client reached out to Softworld Financial Services to provide a solution for their staffing needs.

The Solution:
At Softworld Financial Services, our team possessed the capabilities to bring this client a solution and therefore stepped in to play a major role in decreasing their employee turnover. Something that sets Softworld apart from other staffing agencies is our close relationships we foster with senior level executives. We worked closely with our client’s Head of IT, as well as the senior executives who manage their teams. Therefore, we gained inside knowledge of the issues firsthand and got to really know the managers and what they were looking for in their solutions. We provided our client with a breakdown of our rates, roles, project solutions, and proof of concept for visualization of how we can provide a more cost-effective solution for them.

After solidifying our partnership, we created an Information Technology team of about a dozen people consisting of Information Center Specialists, Project Managers, Business Analysts, among other roles, to provide staffing and project solutions for our client, as well as work on reducing costs. Our client brought our team in to help with their Call Center and we provided a package to streamline a large quantity of resources immediately where they had high employee turnover. Our team of consultants provided this client with an array of specialized services that include customer service, loan origination, quality assurance, workforce management, etc. Softworld Financial Services packaged about 30 different resources for our client in a short period of time, reducing our client’s turnover by 45%. At Softworld, we have a consistent backlog of talent ready to fill always. This means that we are constantly able to provide our clients with consistent top-notch talent and fill their open roles quickly and efficiently. Softworld knows and understands the unique environments and situations of all our clients. Therefore, we always provide our clients with the best-fit candidates as part of a cost-effective solution.


At Softworld, a 4x ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing® Award Winner, our mission is to help our clients in meeting the challenges of their industry by providing them exceptional technical staffing, recruiting & project services through exemplary service, industry-rooted experience, and innovative hiring strategies. If you are interested in partnering with Softworld for your staffing, consulting, or employment needs, please submit your information below!

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