Softworld Supports Banking Digital Transformation of Third Largest U.S. Credit Union

Discover how Softworld Financial Services supported the banking digital transformation of the third largest credit union in the nation. Learn more about this financial services digital transformation.

Over the past few years, Softworld Financial Services has utilized our strong technical expertise and knowledge while supporting one of the country’s strongest and most respected financial institutions. Our expertise in staffing and project solutions across Software Development and Engineering, Cybersecurity, Project Management, and Business Analysis led to a partnership with our client to support multiple IT initiatives, including the update of their technology stack.

The Challenge:
Our client faced the challenge of having to update their entire technology stack, making a complete transition from .NET to Java. Their current team was understaffed and did not have the in-house expertise needed to get the project over the finish line. Without right mix of project and staffing solutions, our client would not be able to make a seamless transition into their new technology stack and would lag behind current trends and software.

The Solution:
Softworld Financial Services partnered with our client to fill any of the personnel gaps that would hold up their digital transformation project. After an expansive screening process, ensuring technical and professional fit, Softworld was able to supply a team of technicians including Java Developers, Scrum Masters, Project Managers, among others, to support the platform change. Softworld provided deep technical, functional knowledge and extensive expertise from the development and integration of multiple large-scale, highly complex systems and applications. Our consultants utilized their experience in core Java Development, RESTful services, Spring, and Agile to serve as true subject matter experts and successfully completed all tasks in the analysis, design, testing, and implementation of the project. The team was able to create design documentation and well-documented code, as well as provide recommendations and solutions that would help ensure success well into the future. This transition was highly successful due to the strong expertise, leadership, and teamwork from our consultants and the strong partnership with our client. In the end, our team was able to align all of our client’s applications with newer technologies, which enabled them to get their applications up to speed within the Java platform.

To date, Softworld  has provided this client with a total of 825 candidate submittals, which led to 384 interviews and 139 placements. We have partnered with them on multiple initiatives, as they have learned from experience that Softworld gets the job done. Our team was also responsible for helping this client develop our first ever onshore development center in Boston, MA. which consisted of Softworld supplying our client with a team of twelve java developers, in an office space found and maintained by Softworld. This team was created to bring strategic solutions to our client and complete their Java development projects in a timely fashion. Softworld’s team was able to successfully align ourselves with our client’s additional vendors and worked together successfully to produce greater results than their offshore partners.

Due to the overwhelming success of our partnership, Softworld continues to support this client on an ongoing basis.


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