Working Towards a More Inclusive and Equitable Future for STEM

Softworld recognizes the inclusion gap within the STEM fields and strongly believes in the need to provide opportunities to those that, historically, have not had them. By empowering these individuals with skills and advancement opportunities, we can begin to address both inequity in the space, as well as a looming national STEM skills shortage.

Our Mission

Softworld’s mission is to work towards a more equitable future for all in the STEM space. By creating a diverse STEM workforce, we will bring new ideas to the forefront, and create a stronger and more inclusive environment for all.

Our Commitment

Through our philanthropic group, Softworld Cares, Softworld is pledging to contribute resources, funds, and volunteer time to programs that empower the advancement of women and people of color within the STEM space.

Our Approach

Softworld believes that we are best positioned to succeed when we have a diverse workforce across our entire business. We hire and promote those that are best for the job, and do not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, veteran status or socioeconomic background. Softworld also continuously provides opportunities for employees to voice their feedback, and make sure that their individual voice and points of view are heard across the company. By creating a diverse workplace where ideas and voices are heard, we feel that our employees will thrive.

Our Partners

Softworld is proud to sponsor Kids In Tech, a group out of Lowell, Massachusetts that helps disadvantaged children by providing them with interactive, free after school programs in computers and technology. Softworld sponsors Kids in Tech’s Beyond The Microscope series, which is a series of events meant to spark a conversation between thought leaders and the greater community.