Engineering Staffing. Engineering Consulting. Engineering Solutions.

A Recruiting-First™ approach.
A focus on quality, speed and a headache-free experience.
It’s how we get engineering staffing done.

At Pivotal Engineering, the engineering division of Softworld, our mission is to be a best-in-class provider of technical staffing, recruiting and project solutions. Simply put, our commitment is to find the right engineers for every client and project…and the right project for every engineer.

Why choose Pivotal Engineering?

  • Engineering expertise. Our practice team has spent than 15 years refining our service model for engineering staffing based on real-world engineering experience. Each of our solution managers has extensive experience in both the industry and within engineering recruiting. This combination gives Pivotal an insider’s perspective on the business issues and staffing challenges our clients and consultants face.
  • National recruiting engine. We are a “recruiting-first” company that only employs senior engineering recruiters. That means we can find the right talent faster…most often in less than 48-hours.
  • Consultant focus. Our consultants are our most valuable partners, and that’s how we treat them. That means a more rewarding experience for our engineering consultants….and our clients.

Sample Projects for Softworld’s Engineering Services Division