FSO Outsourcing & FSO Consulting for FSO Security & Support.

Ensure DSS compliance.
Manage all day-to-day security tasks, including JPAS.
Without the overhead of additional hiring.

At Softworld Expert FSO, our mission is to ensure all companies who participate in the NISP are maintaining 100% compliance. We support internal FSOs and free key executives to focus on their core responsibilities.

Why choose Softworld Expert FSO?

  • Security expertise. Expert FSO’s core purpose is to stay current on DSS requirements and ensure compliance for regulated security procedures. This means facility compliance is managed by dedicated security experts.
  • DSS Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA). Expert FSO has the experience and resources to ensure an organization receives satisfactory and above ratings on these assessments. This ensures your confidences during assessments.
  • Cost savings. We provide FSO services on a consulting basis. That means organizations can manage DSS compliance for far less cost than hiring a full-time FSO.