From the office of the CEO


Softworld, along with our partners at USAA, continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and prepare for a wide range of possible scenarios – with your health and safety as a top priority. We have been in constant communication with the highest levels of the USAA technology leadership team. They have clearly communicated to us that maintaining business continuity, keeping our ODC workforce productive, and avoiding disruptions to development operations is of critical importance to them.

Softworld and USAA are currently developing contingency plans that would keep all ODC teams engaged and working in the event safety measures require the temporary closing of the ODC workspace in Plano. We are closely collaborating with USAA to define process, policy, and procedure adjustments that could enable the current ODC staff to work remotely (i.e. work from home) during a potential site shutdown.   This includes defining the laptop or desktop requirements that would be needed for you to work outside the development center. While we have not received final confirmation, there is an indication that personal computing devices would be allowed to perform ODC development work during a temporary work from home scenario.

As part of this preparation, we will be proactively gathering technical specs on the personal laptop or desktop you would plan on using during this time.  A separate email from Softworld’s Consultant Care team will be sent to you shortly regarding this. Following the link in that email quickly will allow us to review and approve the technical specifications for your personal computing device. The requested information will include:

  • Do you have a personal laptop or desktop that can be used for ODC work purposes?
  • What is the CPU model?
  • What is the CPU Generation?
  • How much RAM?
  • Does it have a Solid State Drive or Hard Drive?
  • What is the Operating System version?
  • Do you have an active antivirus solution installed?
  • Are the most recent security updates for the operating system applied?

The ODC is the center piece of a long standing partnership between USAA and Softworld.  USAA views the work you do as critical to their overall operation. They are moving quickly to ensure there is minimal disruption to not only the important work the ODC delivers, but more importantly to the valuable employees that are doing that work. While future events are difficult to predict, both USAA and Softworld are committed to developing a plan quickly in order to  dispel uncertainty and provide a sense of security for all our ODC team members.