Why Softworld?

Softworld is growing at an astronomical rate. We were just named one of the fastest growing staffing companies in the United States. To get more specific,

  • Softworld grew at an average of 21.8% between 2014-2018
  • Softworld is the 3rd fastest growing staffing firm in Massachusetts
  • Softworld is the 21st fastest growing IT or Engineering Staffing firm in the United States
  • Of the 20 firms above us in IT or Engineering, only 3 are larger than Softworld.

…and we expect more of the same next year.

We need Business Development professionals that are hungry to grow with us. We have no sales territories, offer an uncapped commission plan, and have a team of more than 50 recruiters to help you fill ALL of your reqs.

Oh, and one of our sales professionals is on track to make $1 million in commission this year.


Have one of our internal recruiters reach out to learn more: