We have always had a very good working relationship with Softworld over the years and they have been involved in many of our largest and most critical initiatives during this time. Specifically, we have utilized Softworld resources for several merger and acquisitions and system conversions in addition to smaller project work and staff augmentation. Resources from Softworld were key program-level resources for a multi-year Branch platform replacement initiative that was extremely successful.

In addition to providing outstanding service to RBC Bank over the years, many of the Softworld resources that have worked with us have developed lasting relationships with many of our employees, myself included. To me this speaks well to the quality of the resources that Softworld recruits and attracts. As with any consulting group we have had the rare occasion where a resource was just not the right fit. In these situations Softworld was quick to respond and resolve the situation. Softworld has also continued to strive to be competitive in these times of “off shoring” and leveraged “preferred vendor” relationships.

Gary Brown, IT Executive at major regional bank

Having looked at other options and not finding the right fit, we ultimately chose Softworld’s staffing and recruiting capabilities for our 2008 MC to Visa card conversion and back-end conversion. Their “banking” focused expertise made the selection that much easier. Once Softworld received our specific skill sets/requirements, they presented our team with “spot on” people. We engaged two perfect fits from Softworld for this business critical project; a Project Manager with over 20 years of project management and banking experience including 15 years of credit card, debit card, ATM, Visa DPS, conversion and integration experience (both on the technical and business side), and a Business Analyst, also with over 20 years of banking operations and business analysis experience. The PM was instrumental in keeping us on track throughout the project and the BA added invaluable business expertise. Both consultants played critical roles in the success of the project and easily blended in and integrated with the personality/environment of our bank. If you are seeking proven subject matter experts with multiple years of banking experience, I would strongly recommend utilizing Softworld’s resources.


Kevin Mullins, SVP, IBC Bank

For the past two years, Softworld has consistently assisted Trustmark Bank in locating senior-level subject matter experts. Softworld helped us locate professionals relating to a recent “Argo” Project, as well as provided us with resources during our Fiserv/Checkfree/Pep+ Project. We simply supplied Softworld with the skill sets needed, and within two days we had resumes of top notch candidates. What really separates Softworld from other companies is their ability to provide senior level professionals who already have the necessary “banking” background/experience necessary to reduce the initial integration time needed, which contributes significantly to our projects being on time and successful.

In addition, we have utilized Softworld for local “niche” talent, including Storage Administrators, Tech Writers and Systems Administrators, among others.  Whether it’s project work, contract work or contract-to-perm scenarios, we recommend Softworld as an invaluable partner.
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I am so pleased that we have found these two senior banking candidates that will strengthen and diversify our project team. I really appreciate the way that Softworld has been able to partner with us over the course of this process and the tenacity in finding exceptional banking subject matter experts has set you apart from the other agencies. I also appreciate you demonstrating “skin in the game”; by packaging them both with blended rates that will fit within my budget. I have no questions that we both will find a great deal of value out of these contracts and thank you for making this a win-win for both of us.


Tim Flynn, SIO, NCC Bank

I have been working with Softworld for more than six months. I enjoy working with the company because of great benefits and the friendly and supportive employees. I have had the pleasure of working with Jillian while looking for job opportunities in the area of drug development. I was particularly impressed by Jillian’s ability to understand where my skill sets would fit best, among all available options in the market. She matched me to this incredibly wonderful project that I was not considering as a potential opportunity for myself. Jillian is always willing to go the extra mile to help me and is only a phone call away. She is admired for her trustworthy nature, strong work ethic, and pleasant personality. I would recommend working with Jillian and Softworld without any reservation. Working with Softworld continues to be a pleasure – Thank You!!


Abida, Contractor

We are extremely pleased with the responsiveness and expertise that ExpertFSO provides our teams. As a small business, ExpertFSO is a strategic partner that enables us to comply with complex security regulations including the NISPOM, in a cost-effective approach. We have used ExpertFSO for over a year as our company grew from 65 to 130 employees. Their security consultant works as an integrated team with our recruiting, HR, and PMs to handle every aspect of personnel security for our employees, following the agency-specific procedures for a dozen different DoD and civilian agencies. Everyone on our teams has complete confidence in our Security Consultant, and in fact, based on an internal survey, our security department (ExpertFSO) has the highest employee satisfaction rating for responsiveness and effectiveness. If there is a challenging security issue to discuss with a customer or vendor, ExpertFSO will help us. They help us implement and maintain our industrial security posture, conduct internal inspections, and ensure we are fully prepared for Site Assistance Visits. Hiring ExpertFSO was one of the best decisions we have made, and I highly recommend them to any business that needs expert security support at a flexible level of effort.


Rebecca Andino, President & CEO, Highlight Technologies, LLC

Softworld was instrumental in helping me to bring a large team of contractors in to assist with major regulatory and compliance related initiatives. We had requirements for consultants with deep compliance experience in large banking environments, who would also be able to become permanent employees of our bank. The quality of the Softworld candidates was outstanding, and as important was the speed at which Softworld was able to deliver them to us to meet our aggressive schedules. I have since moved to a new job at a new bank and have already utilized Softworld’s services to fill two key program/project management roles.


Pat Stanganelli

Working with Softworld has been a great experience, starting with the very first phone call in going through the process of learning about, interviewing and preparing for the job. It has been easily one of the best processes I’ve been through in my nearly 20-year career, especially given the unique challenges of working within a government atmosphere. Throughout my tenure after starting work, the entire team has been extremely helpful in both confirming that my job is going smoothly, as well making sure that I don’t have to worry about the logistics of paperwork, timesheets and administrative details.

I also work with many other Softworld Consultants within my project, and all my teammates have nothing but positive things to say about their experience with the company. I have seen and heard the business alliance between Softworld and their client, and from top to bottom it has been one of the best corporate partnerships I’ve ever encountered in my career.


Darrell Graham, IT Consultant

I’d like to express my thanks for all the great opportunities and professional development I have had at Softworld over the last two years. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed my time with the company. Their consistent guidance has helped me to increase my potential and grasp new opportunities in my career. I have especially appreciated their support, management style and encouragement both in the process of obtaining each engagement I have worked for them on, and for my continued success and growth once I was working on-site at their client. I consider my colleagues from Softworld to be both professional and personal friends, and I hope that every consultant could have the same level of relationship with their employers as I have with Softworld.

Kaniz Hussain, IT Consultant

Softworld’s key to success is their commitment to a balanced strategy of identifying the right candidate for each client, while devoting the same measure of effort for the applicant, ensuring a solid fit for both. I benefitted from their candid approach with many opportunities and appreciated the honesty, integrity, and energy throughout Softworld, trusting that my best interests would always be kept at the forefront.


Peggy McNeil, IT Consultant

I lost my job of 10 years and my world was falling. Going to interviews, preparing myself, trying to get something in my area, south Florida. I had just come out of an interview and was not happy with the company.  While walking in the parking lot to my car, Michelle from Softworld called me. She said she had an opportunity for me and that I was a good fit. I had to move to Boston though. She explained the details and I decided to take a chance. She took me through the steps and was there with me every step of the way. I was never alone. I interviewed with the company on the phone for 30 minutes. 15 minutes later I received a call from Michelle that they wanted to hire me. Needless to say, I moved to Boston and worked for two years for Softworld.  It was a pleasure. They treated me right. They were very attentive to my needs. Moving across the country and having Softworld on your side makes it easy. You not only feel that you are growing professionally but you are right at home. Thank you Michelle, Alan and Team. You will always be in my thoughts. I will never forget talking to you while walking to my car. You took me from a low point in my life and brought me back to life. I would do it again with you in a heartbeat. Thank you!!!


Humberto (Bert) Herrera, Produban, TJX.