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  • 10/11Technology and Talent: Revealing Key Insights from Softworld’s Q3 LinkedIn Polls - Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a significant disruptor across industries, and its impact on the workplace is undeniable. Softworld recently conducted several LinkedIn polls to gauge professionals’ perceptions of AI’s influence, the expectations from IT staffing companies, and the driving factors behind job searches in the IT sector. Let’s delve into the results and… Read more »
  • 10/11Softworld Insights: Job Outlook for Q4 2023 - As we enter the final quarter of 2023, it’s clear that the job outlook in the IT industry is extremely promising. Businesses around the world are embracing technology and digital transformation, and this has led to a surge in demand for skilled professionals. At Softworld, we analyzed industry trends and gathered important insights to provide… Read more »
  • 10/11ChatGPT’s Potential Impact on the Banking Technology Industry - ChatGPT, as a language generation model, has the potential to impact the banking technology industry in several ways. One potential application is in customer service, where ChatGPT could be used to generate human-like responses to customer inquiries, potentially reducing the need for human customer service representatives. Additionally, ChatGPT could be used to generate financial reports,… Read more »

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Softworld’s key to success is their commitment to a balanced strategy of identifying the right candidate for each client, while devoting the same measure of effort for the applicant, ensuring … Read More »

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